Zelie is a location with a variety of terrain. It includes a river with a bridge guarded by Trolls, mountains roamed by crazed goats, and two cities, named West Zelie and East Zelie, with abandoned Saxon close by.

Zelie RiverEdit

This is a river that runs through the valley. There is a dock that connects to both banks as a bridge. This dock, as well as upstream areas, are guarded by trolls. This river is the only passage to the Underground Forge.

Zelie Mountain RangeEdit

This is a double ridge of mountains, with a river valley between them. The mountains are home to goats, and the river to trolls. It is said that this used to be a single ridge, but the valley was carved out to make it a double ridge.


In the storyline, Zelie used to be one great city, by a gold mine in the mountains that was large enough to also support another city, named Saxon. The gold was greedily mined completely out of the area, leaving the valley, which filled with water. Goats started acting strange, viciously butting miners and mountain climbers. Some blame magic for the goats' actions, as well as for the division of Zelie into the two modern cities. Split by foreboding mountains, roamed by the crazed goats, and a river, now guarded by trolls, contact was lost between East and West. West Zelie remained strong enough, due to trades with players, but the eastern cities were in trouble. Saxon was isolated and abandoned. East Zelie struggled. Though there was talk about finding a safe passage between them, only those who solve The Great Split, or have high enough levels or a player hat to avoid being hurt by the dangers can move easily between these close cities. The closest safe way is up and around the mountain range.

Various monsters still collect bits of gold, as evidenced by killing them so they drop it, but another gold mine has never been found.