Trolls all look similar, however, there are varieties that can be distinguished: River Trolls, Sewer Trolls and Lava Trolls. Sewer Trolls are further divided into different kinds.

River TrollEdit

River trolls are notorious for catching players trying to make the dangerous journey between East Zelie and West Zelie.

Sewer TrollEdit

Sewer Trolls are higher level trolls found in sewers. There are several varieties, though they all look identical. They have a slightly darker complexion than a River Troll, and wear a more yellowish shirt. The varieties are classified by location and special characteristics.

Red Sewer TrollEdit

Blue Sewer TrollEdit

Blue Key Sewer TrollEdit

This is not a normal Blue Sewer Troll, since it doesn't drop Blue Bandanas, but instead always drops the Blue Key it guards. However, you can use this key to enter the Blue Gate to face the Blue Sewer Trolls. There is only one Blue Key Sewer Troll. Players must take turn killing him to gain enough keys for a group to enter the gate, if they don't already have them.

Lava TrollEdit

These trolls are the most distinctive, with a reddish hue. This monster is currently only available to P2P players.


The Lava Troll was suggested by BeYondZer.[2]