A Treasure is a little gold and brown box. The box is a rare thing so you wont get it very often. You can find a treasure in one of these ways:

Lucky rings used to increase these odds,[5][6] but no longer do.[7][8] Treasure is tradeable before opening. After opening, the chest disappears, leaving the item it contained in its place. The treasure chest can contain boots, gems, another treasure chest,[9] matches, or other items. The place or skill used to find a chest has no bearing on what you can find in it.[10] Coins were temporarily discontinued for a period of time, but are now available in up to increments of 1000, depending on your level.[11] The items Joe hides in the chests have been adjusted several times.[12] Travel Boots may only be found in treasure, though they are tradeable. Gems are only found in treasure, but can be bought from Endorra, as well as other players. Silver coins can also be found in chests, which give a free 3-day membership when used at the P2P cart. There are also silver keys, which open a silver chest.


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