This training guide is a essential part to your queville playing time, that is only if you are intrested in the methods used below.

---Training Guide Plan B V1.0 ---

You should first make sure you are equipped with the best possible items available for your level. Check into guides on combat for a list of items you can use for training.

Chickens strategy (Lvl1-15) Chickens are easy and fast to kill they are found in clusters in a map near the starting posistion. There is a farm near the chickens that will buy eggs for gold this is a great way to make gold while training. By level 15 you should have your bronze armor equipped by now, ready for the next step.

Goblins strategy (Lvl15-25) Now just train on goblins they are not to difficult to defeat at level 15 carrying some food along would probably help and both train fishing and your combat. Once you reach level 25 i reccomend repeating the guide with a magical wand equipped to train magic. Once you have your iron helmet equipped you now have that +3 Bonus armor and are ready to move on.

Gear Weapon:

Goats strategy (Lvl25-49) You will be spending a very long time training on goats so get yourself prepared. The game by this point has probably gotten rather repetitive so i reccomend checking into some skills such as smithing as a break from training. Now anyways while killing goats do not bother to pick up 1G coins or iron shields, collect the 5G and 20G drops and stack gold this method makes great cash after grindning for some time. Just soak, rinise, and repeat now carrying some food untill probably 40 combat is usefull to survive for some time.

Rivertrolling (Lvl49-55) This is as far as i can teach you as i am still using this method, just take good food and wear good gear. Now i also reccomend you to fish and carry matches on the same map you are training this map would be near the cave entrence in the mountains (Were the stream flows)

I know this Guide is basic but that is how it should be just as the game is i will be updating this regularly well whenver i get as far as my guide ends.