== == ===Quevile Training Guide === As training is a very essential part of quevile, you will need to know good strategies to succeed.

Level 1-5

I suggest rats for this there is clusters of them in some places, such as in the tower near the mountains east.

Level 5-15

Go for the chickens at level 5 they become very easy to kill and are good for making some scrap cash.

Level 15-20

Snakes and bats are a good way to go at this point, personally i would choose bats in the sewers in the town near zack south of him.

Level 20-35

Goblins are the best for xp at level 25 and get easier to kill, try getting your magic up along with combat level so you can boost your stats +2 by 36 magic.

Level 35-45

Now just kill mountain goats untill level 45, collect there drops for cash.

Level 45-61

Fight barbarians and sewer fungus. Barbarians drop arrows and money. Make sure you have 60 mage by the time you have 61 combat, or you WILL be weak.

Level 61+

Fight barbarians when you are low on health. When your health is full fight trolls. They give 10 exp each. Make sure you have food on you or it will take a long time.

Mage Training Guide

Level 1-5

You will probably be forced to do teleports for these levels. Make sure you find a player with an emerald wand so you can train faster.

Level 1-10 (Emerald Wand)

Fight rats. They give 1 exp each. Do accuracy +1 spell.

Level 10-15

Fight bats and snakes. When you get low hp, fight rats and chickens.

Level 15

Get a top hat. It give +6 armor and +1 weapon.

Level 15-20

Fight bats and snakes.

Level 20-36

Fight goblins

Level 36

Get a ruby wand. Do accuracy +2 spells alot.

Level 36-45

Fight mountain goats.

Level 45

Get a cape.

Level 45-60

Begin switching between mountain goats and barbarians.

Level 60

Go to the mages guild. Get magic robes for 500 coins.

Level 60-70

Fight mainly barbarians and trolls. If the barbarians are full fight trolls.

Level 70+

Fight trolls, reapers, sharks, anything! Best training is reapers and trolls.

How to train

First get level 15 combat.

Ask somebody for bronze armor or smith some.

Get an emerald wand from a player.

Get 15 magic.

Get a top hat.

Get 31 combat.

Get an iron shield

Get 36 magic.

Get a ruby wand.

Get 45 magic.

Get a cape.

Get 35 combat.

Get an iron sword.

Get 37 combat.

Get iron armor

Decide wether or not you would like to be a mage or a warrior.


Train. Train. Train.

Dont get a steel helm at 49 combat.

Get 55 combat.

Get an steel shield.

Get 61 combat.

Get an steel sword.

Get 60 mage.

Get mages robes at the mages guild for 500 coins.

Get 70 combat.

Get 68 mage.

Get a wizard hat.

You are now a beast.


Get 60 mage.

Get mages robe.

Get 55 combat.

Get a steel shield.

Get 65 mage.

Get 60 combat.

Get 68 mage.

Get a wizard hat.

Get 65 combat.

Get 72 mage.

Get a diamond wand.

Get 70 combat.

Get 80 mage.

You are a beast.