Requirements: None

Items Needed: Row Boat (Or Any Other Kind of Boat), and Mountain Boots or Travel Boots

The first thing you need to do, is go to the town of East Zelie, East-South of the starting place and right 1 screen and down 2 screens from the crab fishing spot. Talk to the person in the clothing store and they will tell you about the Great Split. After hearing their story, accept their quest. You will need to get to the town of Saxon which is down 1 screen and left 1 screen from the village of East Zelie. In the building in the lower-right, lives a Hermit. Talk to the Hermit and he will tell you to ask Mezron. To get to Mezron, press Reset, or go up three screen, left two screens, and down one screen. If you Reset, go down one screen, right one screen, and down one screen. Climb the tower to find Mezron. He will request you to get an Emerald. Get the emerald he asks you for. (Hint: Emeralds are sometimes found when you mine. It's very rare to find an Emerald by mining, though. You can also buy them from Endorra or other players.) After you give the emerald to Mezron, he will cast a spell to create a portal between West Zelie and East Zelie. Go down one screen and right one screen and teleport using the teleporter. Return to East Zelie and talk to the guy in the clothing store. He will give you your prize, thus completing this quest.


  • Magic Experience