A store's inventory.

Stores are located in towns and cities. They have store inventories in which you can buy or sell items. A store's inventory can vary depending on its city location. For example, the city of Buskingham sells Leather Armor because it's the closest city to the respawn point, while the city of Butler sells equipment for training skills.


Exterior of a store building.


A cart is another kind of store.

A store has a stock of items. Once you buy that item and its stock reaches zero, you have to wait until it gets more of that item. A store can usually have a maximum of 5 items per that item. However, you can sell an item you've bought and make it over the default limit until someone buys it.

Kinds of storesEdit

  • STOREGeneral store buildings sell a variety of goods, including tools and heavier items.
  • Clothing stores sell clothes, which do not take up inventory space.
  • CARTCarts usually sell food items and ingredients, or sometimes clothes. The P2P cart sells P2P hats and accepts silver coins.
  • Travel Stores sell boots.
  • The Port store sells boats and ships.
  • The Player Store is a special store where players may sell items.

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