Smithing is the most profitable skill in the game. Even at a Smithing Level of 50 you can make over 100 coins per inventory by selling smithed items to Zack. You can smith many different types of armour and weapons, making it very useful skill to accompany combat.

To start smithing, you need a certain number of ores to create the item and a lit furnace. To do so, get a fire and put it in the furnace and then click on the furnace and select the "Smith" option. Then you can select the item you would like to make.

Furthermore, Zack will buy the items you smith for a decent price. Most players sell the items to him because demand for armour and weapons from players is actually extremely low.


Item Level Exp Ores Needed Zack's Value
OM1 Bronze Helmet 1 3 1 OH1 + 1 OH2 OQ2
OO1 Bronze Shield 7 6 2 OH1 + 2 OH2 OQ2
OP1 Bronze Sword 13 9 3 OH1 + 3 OH2 OQ2
ON3 Bronze Armour 19 12 4 OH1 + 4 OH2 OQ3
OM3 Iron Helmet 25 8 2 OH4 OQ3
OO4 Iron Shield 31 16 4 OH4 OQ3
OP4 Iron Sword 37 24 6 OH4 OQ3
ON5 Iron Armour 43 32 8 OH4 OQ4
OE6 Arrowheads 45 20 1 OH4 + 2 OH6 ---
OM7 Steel Helmet 49 20 1 OH4 + 2 OH6 OQ4
OO5 Steel Shield 55 40 2 OH4 + 4 OH6 OQ4
OP6 Steel Sword 61 60 3 OH4 + 6 OH6 OQ4
ON7 Steel Armour 67 80 4 OH4 + 8 OH6 OQ4OQ4
OM9 Lava Helmet 70 44 1 OH9+ 4 OH6 OQ4OQ4
OO8 Lava Shield 73 88 2 OH9+ 8 OH6 OQ4OQ4
OP9 Lava Sword 77 132 3 OH9+ 12OH6 OQ4OQ4
ON9 Lava Armour 80 176 4 OH9+ 16OH6 OQ5

Trivia Edit

  • As of January 2, 2009, monsters have been set to auto-attack you, when near. This made smithing more difficult to train due to mining for the materials for Iron ore. This decision was made after a player achieved 75 and 67 mining and smithing respectively in under a week, speculating that achieving a 99 would be in under a month.
  • Guard, in 2009, became the first person on Queville to be able to smith (and mine) a Lava object.
  • On the night July 25, 2011, Smithing was drastically changed with an experience update.[1]
  • In late October, the Smithing level requirements were changed to the requirements of wearing them. This prompted an increase in combat training but Smithing as well.