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Queville, pronounced 'Q-ville'[1], is the game which this Wiki is about! It is a multiplayer online game set in the fantasy world of Queville. Players fight monsters, make a living from different skills and craft items.

Technology Edit

Queville is currently in open beta. It requires no plugins to run; it is played entirely in a browser. Queville was coded in JavaScript, using AJAX, and was the first multiplayer online game to do so. :)

History Edit


Queville's original banner

Queville is named after the creator's old BBS handle, 'Quintrix', or 'Que' for short.[1]

Queville was originally called Fordana, named after the creator's spouse, Dana - literally, "For Dana". It was renamed to Queville in 2008.


Queville's v10 banner

Queville was also the name of an RPG created by the same person on a Commodore VIC-20, and ported to other systems. The online game is based in part on this code, although it relies more on databases and newer, more efficient technology.[2]