A quest npc (non-player character) is a character which plays a part in a quest. Below is a list of the current known quest npcs.

Name Quest Location Notes
Marvin Marvin's Chicken Crossroads (2,3) or (C2) Quest starter
Unnamed Goblin Lumber Jill's Axe, Marvin's Chicken Goblin Village (2,6) or (F2) Non-aggressive, unseen NPC
Damon The Doctor's Son Under Doctor's Office (B3) Provides Swamp Boots
Doctor The Doctor's Son Doctor's Office (3,1) or (C1) Quest starter, unseen NPC
Doctor's son The Doctor's Son Doctor's Office (3,1) or (C1) Unseen NPC
Shopkeeper The Great Split East Zelie Clothing Store (E6) Quest starter, unseen NPC
Hermit The Great Split Hermit's house, Saxon (5,6) or (E5) Unseen NPC
Mezron The Great Split Mezron's Tower (3,4) or (D3)
Evil Que Dragon Egg Quest Badlands bunker He can't be killed in the bunker, but he can be killed in his Lava Mountain hideout
Staircase Guard Dragon Egg Quest Castle Bar you kill him during the quest
Mob of Guards Dragon Egg Quest Castle Tower mob you
Prison Guard Dragon Egg Quest Prison Guards you
Bartender Crazy Bartender Castle Bar Quest starter
Joe's Notes Bandit Bar
Zack Lumber Jill's Axe Forge and unseen at Zack's Mining Company (2,7) or (G2) no longer part of a quest
Jill Lumber Jill's Axe Crossroads (2,3) or (C2) Quest starter, but no longer in game
Lumber Jack Lumber Jill's Axe Oakland Tavern (1,7) or (G1) Unseen NPC no longer in game