Player Status on Queville refers to a player's account status.


Most players are Guests, from the time they make their character in game.


It is recommended to secure your account with an email address on the forums, in case your password is stolen. If you haven't done this, your account is unconfirmed, and you do not have access to all features.


A full forum member may still be called a Guest.


P2P members have certain advantages over regular members. This is not posted on the profile for privacy reasons, so a full list is not possible.[1] We only know the first P2P member was damage because he allowed it to be known. Other players voluntarily advertise it, as well, by wearing a player hat or using a members-only server.


A player moderator has authority to ban or mute players for up to 3 days,[2] and a forum moderator may move, edit, or delete forum posts. Forum moderators are listed above the Queville forums they patrol. Most Moderators are both forum and player moderators.

List of Moderators:[3]

Clan ModerationEdit

Clan leaders and officers have similar capabilities to forum moderators in their clan forum, and leaders may ban players from their clan. They are responsible to Admins to moderate their own clans, just like moderators for the forums they patrol. Moderators cannot read or moderate clan forums unless they are an officer or leader in the clan.


A Sysop has more power than a regular Moderator, but less than an Admin.[2]

List of known Sysops:


An admin basically does anything and everything.

List of Admins:

Punishment StatusEdit


A Banished player may not login to that account. This is usually temporary, and the player is given a countdown until the ban expires.


A Muted player may read the forums and play, but may not post on the Queville forums, send PMs or chat publicly or privately in game. This is usually temporary, and the player is given a countdown until the ban expires.