The Player versus Player ( or PvP ) Is one of the skills of Queville, based on fights between players.

It is one of the most dangerous skills to train, but also one to farm between players. PvP can be trained in a special zone, which is not guarded by the King's Guards, an abandoned desert, known as Badlands. West of the Badlands, Lava Mountain is another vast PvP area guarded by the Evil Que's Henchmen. PvP areas are marked by a skull and crossbones in the lower right hand corner of the screen. This icon turns green when you are poisoned.

In Badlands, there is located a flagpole, that can be tagged if you wear an armband, found just in an eastern map. By flying the flag, you can earn an extra 1 experience when any player dies on that screen as long as you remain on that screen. This is called Capture The Flag.

Players can also be poisoned with the poisoned arrowheads, which can be bought from a Mysterious Trader, which spawns randomly every minute in a town. While in Badlands, you can shoot your poisoned arrowheads at a player by attacking them with range weapons. The poison can only be cured by visiting the doctor in Swampville, or by using a Cure Poison Potion.