This article is about the history of Queville that is no longer a part of the game. This does not include graphics updates.



Fordana's Buskingham?

Queville has had earlier incarnations. Some were named Queville, but they weren't Internet games. The earliest multiplayer online game was named Fordana. Queville replaced Fordana in 2008, but was still basically the same game. Parts of Fordana, and even early Queville, continue to be removed to make room for new additions:
Not all of Fordana is gone. Queville is based on it, and many of the best parts will continue to stay around, or be made better. Late Fordana screenshots look very much like early Queville ones.
Here is an early Queville world map, as used on the Location page, showing similarities to Fordana's map, including Tutorial Island, in the top left corner:Quevillegridmap


Tutorial Island, (shown in the top left corner of the above map,) was where new players started. NPCs would guide the players to learn mouse killing, fishing, cooking, mining and smithing. It was removed to make room for Living Darkness because it was found to keep too many players from actually starting to play.[2]

Living DarknessEdit

Before Living Darkness

This is a picture of most of the area Living Darkness replaced, including Magic Island and the fan-named rectangular Joe's Island showing their relative positions to the Castle and Butler. Tutorial Island is not shown, but the mosquitoes are.

Living Darkness replaced a large part of the map, including the Magic Guild, the mysterious Joe's Island, Tutorial Island, and the part of the Eastern sea with most of the mosquitoes.

Items removed from QuevilleEdit

  • OC2Skye Nuts will soon be removed from the game.

Items which have returnedEdit


Monsters come and go in Queville. Just because they are removed doesn't mean they won't be back. Many monsters that have been removed have been brought back:

OW8Shark used to be a monster to fight for meat, but now is a fish to catch.

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