Mining is one of the easiest skills to level up and if it is combined with the Smithing skill, it can be one of the best ways to make money in the game. You can also sell copper ores to Zack's Mining Company for 1 coin each. This can be a good way to get some money as a low level but eventually, he will say you already have filled his order once you mined enough copper ore for him.

To mine ore, you need a pickaxe and the appropriate mining level for that type of ore. Then with the pickaxe in your inventory, click on a rock and select the "Mine" option. You will then mine that type of ore until your inventory is full.

Lava ore, however, is the hardest ore to mine. The only place Lava ore is located is in the Badlands, where people can kill you, plus you need P2P to access the area. Then, once in the Badlands, head west for the Lava Pit. Once inside, you'll need Lava Boots and armor or you will be easily killed by the high-leveled monsters such as Lava Goats and Lesser and Greater Demons. Once in the Lava Mountain, head down the hole to be dropped into the Lava Pit. There will be 3 Lava rocks accessible to mine, however surrounded by Lava Demons. You can either head south to exit, without mining. If you do mine Lava ore, you will drop down, once again, to another level where the only way out is south of the screen. Once you head south, you will end up near the southern part Lava Mountain that is guarded by one Lava Demon. From there, you're free to leave the Badlands with your newly acquired Lava ore.


Ore Level Required Experience Gained Mine Location
OH1 Copper 1 3 CopperMine Heart Mine near Zack's Mining Company, and many others
OH2 Tin 10 6 TinMine Heart Mine near Zack's Mining Company, and many others
OH4 Iron 30 12 IronMine Most mines have iron
OH6 Coal 50 18 CoalMine

Mine south of East Zelie
and in the Mining Guild

OH9 Lava 80 27 LavaMine Lava Pit

Both the required level and exp gained are in the Mining skill.


  • In 2009, Guard became the first person on Queville to be able to mine and smith a Lava object.