This quest is no longer in game, but has been replaced by Marvin's Chicken.

Requirement(s): Level 10 Combat, 3 Eggs (can be found by killing Chickens)

Reward(s): 100 gold, Hiking Boots

This is perhaps the easiest quest in the game. Find Lumber Jill to start it - she can be found on the crossroads, near two spiders map. When you speak to her, she will ask you to go and find Jack. He can be found in the tavern in Oakland - this is where the level 10 Combat comes in; you'll have to fight a drunk inside. Oakland is on the coast in the far southwest of the world.

After the fight, Jack will find you and tell you he ordered an axe from Zack, but there was a problem. Then, go to Zack's Mining Company, which is a short walk along the southern coastline. He'll be standing outside the building near the dock; talk to him. He'll ask you to wait an hour - you don't have to; just talk to him again immediately afterwards.

When you get the axe and take it back to Lumber Jill, she'll say the goblins have stolen her axe. She will give you a pair of Hiking Boots, which allow you to walk across forests. Head directly south from here, through the forests. Just run past the goblins if your level isn't high enough to fight them. When you reach the village, go inside the hut and talk to the goblin there. Give him the 3 eggs to get back the stolen axe, and run back to Jill to complete the quest.