A Level is a number given to a monster. Levels are also given to players. The higher the level, the more difficult the monster/player it is to kill. Your level is determined by your melee fighting. If you fight with swords or your hands, you are using melee. If you kill a monster using melee, you will gain combat exp. When you gain a combat level, your level will rise by one and so will your hitpoints.

It's thought that the higher the level of an online player, the more knowledgeable of the game and powerful they are. All players start at Level 1 and the highest they can currently go is Level 99.

The current strongest monster in-game at the moment is the Shark at level 52. Sharks can be fought for fishing items.


  • While the strongest monster is the Shark, inside the Queville source code, there are other monsters coded in-game but have not been mapped. The highest level coded monster is a dragon who is Level 99.