meet a Greater Demon

Lava Mountain is the huge volcano found West of the Badlands. To access this area one must have P2P, as well as either Lava Boots, (and preferrably Mountain Boots,) which can be obtained from a Travel Store, or Travel Boots.[1] As in the badlands, PvP is possible, here.

Throughout these mountains Greater Demons (level 80) and Lesser Demons (level 60) can be found. These are extremely hard to beat and one should not try unless he is a high level.[1]

One of the main reasons why players come to Lava Mountain is to get Rare Items. The first RARE item is found by killing Demons of either kind. They are sunglasses. These are popular because of their rarity and the way they look.[2]

Other items only attainable here include Lava Crawlers at the Lava dock, Lava Ore from the Lava Pit (volcano crater), and Fire Axes from Lava Trolls.[2]

Other features include a Lava Wizard in a tower and access to other P2P areas.[3][1]


Lava Helms used to be dropped by Lesser Demons, and Greater Demons dropped Lava Shields before Living Darkness was discovered with Death inside. The chances of getting sunglasses were also half what they are now.[2]