Items are objects that can be obtained in many ways. They are physical objects which can go into a player's inventory, bank (coins only), and player house. A few ways of obtaining them are that they can be found on the ground, be traded by player, as a loot from a monster, or bought from a shop. Items are identified by their graphic and name by players and their ID by the client.

Characteristics Edit

Items can be defined by a number of their characteristics.

  • Stackable? - Multiple items that can fit into one inventory slot are considered stack-able. Example: Arrows.
  • Graphics - Items have primarily one graphic. A 2D graphic that goes in your inventory or when dropped. Items that you can equip are items such as armor and weapons.
  • Name - Items have unique names which they go by.
  • Equipability - Items which can be equipped such as armor and weapons.