Queville's original banner


Fordana's Buskingham?


Unknown Fordana city that resembles West Zelie

Queville's graphics are pretty temporary, and continue to be edited.[1] The plan has been to incorporate user graphics packs at some point, when security protocols can be worked out. Some of the graphics can be seen in updated images on this wiki. Other updates are uploaded separately to leave older images for historical articles. Changes in gameplay are listed separately.


The following coins were updated: 5 20 100 500 1k 5k 20k 100k You can look at their upload histories on those pages to see old vs new images.


Egg images
Old Egg New Egg Chicken
OD3 Egg OU1
Eggs used to be about the size of a coin, and had a slightly brownish yellow tinge to them, but were reduced to more closely resemble the size of chicken and turkey eggs, as well as whitened to reflect the color of eggs most familiarly known by the general population. They are still large enough to click, though.


Mine images
Ore Old Mine New Mine
CopperOH1 FordanaCopperRock CopperMine
TinOH2 FordanaTinRock TinMine
IronOH4 FordanaIronRock IronMine
CoalOH6 FordanaCoalRock CoalMine

Mines changed from large rocks to rocky points. Players complained about the change, at first.[2]


Ship images
Old Ship New Ships
Fordana Ship Small shipLarge ship

Short BowEdit

The Short Bow image was reduced to better differentiate it from the Long Bow. File:OP7.gif#filehistory shows the old image.


Skeleton images
Old Skeleton New Skelly
OU9 Skelly

Skeletons used to be larger in size and scarier, but look more friendly and playful, now.


Throne images
Old Throne New Throne
Fordana Scorpion Throne

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