Fishing is the one of the best out of the many methods of aquiring raw food. Once cooked, the food then can be eaten to restore a certain number of hit points depending on the type of fish.

To start fishing, you must have the correct equipment in your inventory for the type of fish you want to catch. You must then click on the pier and select the "Catch" option. You will then attempt to catch a fish and you will stop once your inventory is full.


Fish Level Exp Equipment Location
OG1 Crab 1 1 OB7
OG2 Carp 10 2 OB8
  • North of the furnace
  • Fishing Guild
OG4 Catfish 30 6 OB8
  • Zack's Mining Company
  • Fishing Guild
OG5 Flounder 40 8 OB8
OG7 Lobster 60 12 OB7
  • Skye Nut Mountain island
  • Fishing Guild
OG8 Shark 70 --- ---


Shark fishing used to be slightly different. You needed Level 70 Fishing and a boat in order to go shark hunting, and unlike the other fishing methods, you did not receive fishing experience for catching a shark as you were required to fight it before you could catch it.