An equipment bonus is the advantage given to the player by wielding or wearing different equipable items. Wearing a stronger piece of armor grants a greater defense bonus, while wielding a more powerful weapon results in a higher attack bonus.

Bonuses include:

  • Weapon is a stat needed to do damage to an opponent. It is sometimes called Attack, though not in the game.
  • Armor is a stat that protects you from damage. It is also called Defense in magic spells.
  • Special bonuses include the unlocking of abilities, as with Black Masks or Player Hats.
  • Conditional bonuses depend on the kind of weapon you are using.
    • Range only bonuses of many Range items apply only if you are using Range weapons.[1]
    • Strength spells improve only Combat weapons.[Note 1]
    • Accuracy spells only improve Magic and Range weapons.
    • Helmets and Magic Hats only give armor bonuses when using Combat or Magic weapons.


Luck used to be a bonus given by Rings, but has been removed from the game for now, as it wasn't very obvious what the bonus was. It actually made finding treasure more likely, but did nothing else.


  1. Strength spells are not to be confused with Strength Potions, which are not equipable and improve hitpoints, rather than Weapon or Armor.