Equipment is a special type of item that can be equipped in the inventory, (usually with a menu option of Wield, Wear, Equip or similar), and will give a character equipment bonuses. Common types of equipment include:

When Equipped Edit

When items are equipped, their background turns a lime-green color in the inventory slot. If you drop a equipped item, you will un-equip first then drop it. If you reset, all your items will be un-equipped.


  1. Fists are used to fight if no weapon is equipped, but do not appear in the inventory.
  2. Some other stuff you buy at clothing shops may be worn without equiping or taking a spot in your inventory, however, the only item to give stats this way was the old Magic Robe, which no longer does so.
  3. Pumpkins are masks that have no bonus, so they aren't mentioned.