The eastern sea is the dangerous body of water to the east of Queville. High-level enemies such as Sea Serpents and dangerous Whirlpools are found there.


Before Living Darkness

This is the northernmost part of the old sea.

Living Darkness Island Map

This is the island of Living Darkness that completely divides the eastern sea from the northern sea, so boats can no longer move between them.

Before Living Darkness appeared, the eastern sea joined the northern sea around Magic Island, so players could boat between the seas. Now, the area has been filled in, making the passage too small for boats to fit through, though it looks large enough that a player may try.

Other areas of the sea used to be larger, as well, with 5 sharks to catch by combat or magic, that now are only caught by fishing in Calabash, as well as more Sea Serpents and mosquitoes that attacked players.

New lands made by filling in the eastern sea include:

The sea was not left to dry up once it had been reduced. Rocks that had blocked most explorers for recorded history were removed, allowing expansion to the south, where a new uninhabited island was discovered, and a lighthouse was built on a peninsula.