This article is about dieing and respawning. To learn about the monster named Death, please see Death (monster).

When a player's Hitpoints have reached 0, they die. This can be from poison or fighting a monster (or another player in a PVP area.) Upon death you will drop all items carried in your inventory and respawn. A Dead Player item, the collection of your bones, is also left on top of your dropped items.

When you die, you will usually respawn outside Buskingham, at the Reset spot. If someone else doesn't find the items you dropped first, you may go back to pick them up again.

If another player kills you in the Badlands, you will gain some PVP experience, but drop all your items for the other player(s) to pick up. Upon death in the Badlands, you will respawn near the entrance of the Badlands at the guard tower.

If you die in the Lava Mountain, you will respawn in the badlands entrance at the wall, outside the bunker.