Cooking is the skill that allows raw ingredients to be produced into edible food. You can cook a variety of different fish and a few other types of food as well depending on how much you are skilled with Cooking.

To cook fish, you need a raw fish and a fire (or the farmhouse stove). There is a chance that you will burn the fish and it will be lost from your inventory. You will continue cooking until all the food in your inventory has been cooked. To cook other types of food (bread, pancakes, cookies, etc.), you must first collect the ingredients. Then you must prepare the ingredients on the farmhouse table and cook it on the stove. You cannot use fire for these types of food.

After cooking, some fish can be barreled. Most other food is cooked in the "stacked" form, and pieces may be stacked without needing a barrel, as well.



This chart lists basic ingredients other than raw fish:

Icon Name Obtain by...
Cheese Cheese Kill rats or purchase at the castle
Egg Egg Kill turkeys or chickens or purchase at the castle
OD1 Flour Grind wheat at the windmill
Rawham Ham (Raw) Kill swine
OC2 Skye Nut note Use an axe to cut Skye Tree note
Tomato Tomato Pick at farm
Rawturkey Turkey (Raw) Kill turkey
OE8 Water (Bucket) Use a bucket to draw from a well
Wheat Wheat Harvest in the Wheat Field in City of Butler


These ingredients require preparing on the table:

Icon Name Level Exp Ingredients to mix on table
Cookie Dough 35 OD1+Egg+OE8+OC2 note
Dough 15 1[citation needed] OD1+OE8
Pancake Batter 25 OD1+Egg+OE8
Pizza (Raw) 46 Dough (OD1+OE8)+Tomato+ Cheese


Once made, these items may be eaten, restoring hitpoints lost in battle:

Icon Name Level Required Experience Gained Hitpoints Healed Ingredients Required Requires Stove? Requires Table?
OJ1 Crab 1 1 1 OG1 No No
OJ2 Carp 10 2 2 OG2 No No
OK2 Bread 15 2 2 OD1+OE8 Yes No
Cookedturkey Turkey 20 4 4 Rawturkey No No
OK3 Pancakes 25 4 3 OD1+Egg+OE8 Yes No
OJ4 Catfish 30 6 4 OG4 No No
OK4 Cookies note 35 6 4 OD1+Egg+OE8+OC2 note Yes No
OJ5 Flounder 40 8 5 OG5 No No
Pizza Pizza 46 20 5 x 4 OD1+Tomato+ Cheese +OE8 Yes No
Cookedham Ham 50 10 10 Rawham No No
Hamsandwich Ham Sandwich 50 10 15 x 2 OK2+Cheese+Tomato+Cookedham No Yes
Hamsandwich Turkey Sandwich 50 10 15 x 2 OK2+Cheese+Cookedturkey No Yes
OJ7 Lobster 60 12 8 OG7 No No
OJ8 Shark 80 21 30 OG8 No No


Skye nut cookiesEdit

Skye nuts, the tree, and cookies were part of the Great Split quest, but no longer are. [1]

See alsoEdit

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