Candy is a food which completely replenishes a player's hitpoints, meaning it effectively refills a 99 food value.[1] Candy can be placed into and removed from treat bags, which hold four candy[2] and act similar to a barrel, except they are reusable.

Candy magically changes appearance around holidays.[1] Some shapes include:

  • Candy cane for Christmas[1], white with either red or green[3] stripes
  • Candy corn for Halloween
  • Candy egg for Easter[4]
  • Chocolate kiss
  • Four-leaf clover for Saint Patrick's Day
  • Halloween ghost
  • Lollipop[5] with red and white swirl
  • Valentines' hearts


Range guild graffiti

Valentines' candy on the wall of the Range Guild

  • Candy used to drop in random locations, including places which players could not reach.[6]
  • Earlier candy drops were random scatterings of candy across the world all at once.[7] Everyone would run around gathering as much of it as they could before it disappeared.


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